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    Founded in May 1998, the Sales Department of Shaanxi Tianrun Phytochemical Co., Ltd is located in Xi¡¯an, the center of politics, economy and culture of Shaanxi province. Our affiliated factory is situated in Chengtu, Sichuan Province, the investment of first stage is RMB18 million, occupying an area of about 50mu(33350M2), including 1620m2 Workshop, 500m2 R&D Center and 600 m2 Multifunctional Warehouse etc. We are a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing the natural plant extracts £¬the monomer of Chinese herbal ingredients and  Pharmaceuticals.
    More than 100 kinds of our products, such as Lutein, Pueriaria Powder extract, Grape Seed Powder extract, are widely applied in Food, Medicine, Healthy Product and Cosmetics. About more than 80% of our products export to Europe ¡¢USA and Southeast Asia etc. A strong and professional R&D force consisting of Specialists¡¢Professors and Doctors, which guarantee our products¡¯ quality , make our products be satisfied and popular with our clients both in domestic and overseas the high quality, reasonable prices and high yield.
    We set the customers¡¯ need as our working target, as a client-oriented cooperation, we try to meet customers¡¯ various requirements to our products and make great efforts to provide customers with highly qualified products and best services.


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