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Andrographis P.E.
Product Description
    ¡¾Product Name¡¿Andrographis Extract
    ¡¾Latin Name¡¿Andrographis paniculata
    ¡¾CAS NO¡¿5508-58-7
    ¡¾Plant origin and Distribution¡¿
    Andrographis belongs to Acanthaceae. It is an annual herb and harvested in autumn. It originates from India and now widely cultivated in Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi Hainan, Fujian, etc. Andrographis Extract we produce is extracted and refined from good quality materials of Guangxi by advanced technology.
    ¡¾Part of Used¡¿Whole Herb
    ¡¾Active ingredient¡¿Andrographolide
    ¡¾Specs Available¡¿ 98%£¨HPLC£©
    Appearance£ºWhite Fine Powder
    Molecular Formula:C20H30O5
    ¡¾Main Function¡¿
    (1) Clearing away heat and toxic material, inhibiting bacteria, diminishing inflammation and relieving swelling and pain. It has specially good effect on treating upper respiratory tract and diarrhea caused by bacteria and virus.
    (2) Enhancing human immunity.
    (3) Resisting tumor, protecting liver and owning cholagogue function.
    (1)Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is usually made into tablets, soft capsule, injectio, etc. to treat acute bacillary dysentery, gastroenteritis, cat fever, amygdalitis, faucitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, phthisis and so on.
    (2)Applied in veterinary field, it is made into pulvis to treat acute bacillary dysentery, gastro-enteritis and pneumonia of poultry and livestock.
    ¡¾Shelf Life¡¿ 2 years
    ¡¾Storage¡¿ Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from light.
    ¡¾Packing¡¿25 kgs/Fiber Drum
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